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Prof. (Dr.) B.C. Sharma

principalProf. (Dr.) B.C. Sharma is an alumnus of AFMC, Pune having done his MBBS is 1975 and MD, Physiology in 1984. He has served in Army Medical Corps from 01st March 1976 to 28th Aug. 2003 in various capacities. He has been a teacher in AFMC, Pune for 11 Yrs. and 02 Month. After having AFMC he has been Professor and Head in Department of Physiology for 10 Yrs. He has also worked as Principal for almost 1 year and 10 months. He has total teaching experience of 30 Yrs 02 M and total administrative experience of 25 Yrs. and 11 Month.

His contact details are as follows:

Phone (Office) : 0132- 2614500
Phone (Residence) : 0132-2614501
Mobile : +91-8392939353
E-Mail :